Seen at The Festival of the Tree

...if you would be happy all your life, plant a garden ~ Chinese proverb

Giveaways and Offers


Sorry, all the Seed Tin Giveaway 2013 seeds have gone in record time this year. NB I have a fab giveaway lined up for November, so come back soon :)

Current Offers

I've just ordered my latest set of lovely eco-friendly MOO cards, so you can get yourself a fantastic 10% off your first order with them if you take my MOO Refer a Friend link :)


Congratulations to the winners of the sock giveaway

and there's the  Garden tool set giveaway

then there's... the winner of the Yeo Valley giveaway

and... to the winners of the Sarah Raven Salad Seed giveaway

plus... the Bird Care competition winners :)

And here's the winners of The Garden to Kitchen Expert giveaway.
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