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...if you would be happy all your life, plant a garden ~ Chinese proverb

A Quick Blog Tour

Thanks for visiting Veg Plotting and welcome.

This post is a quick tour of my blog to highlight some of its key features and I hope it'll help you to feel at home more quickly.

Starting with the right hand sidebar...

Sprechen Sie Deutsch, ou Francais, o Espanol or...? No problem! There's a Translate button at the top just in case you feel more comfortable reading Veg Plotting in another language. 

And then...

...there are some summary Pages to help you get started which includes:

  • A bit about me plus an introduction to my garden and allotment plot
  • I also have a Free Resources and Tutorials page for posts other readers have said they've found particularly useful
  • If you'd like to know more about the place where I live, there's a page full of links to tell you more about Chippenham
  • There's a Glossary which tells you about the abbreviations I use on the blog
  • The Popular Posts page highlights some of my most read posts and various series on the blog
  • I also have separate Pages for my 52 Week Salad Challenge - growing a year of salads; the gardens, shows and talks I've visited; and my easy-to-make seasonal recipes

Once you've finished with any of these you just click on the Home Page link to bring you back to my blog. Clicking on the Veg Plotting in the box at the top of the screen does the same thing. You can do this wherever you've got yourself within my blog to get you back to where you started as an alternative to using your browser's Back button.

I've been lucky to meet a number of people both virtually and for real during my time blogging. If they also have a blog, then you'll find a Link to them in my right sidebar. There's also useful links and a few pictures dotted around. These are worth hovering over to see whether there's a link to another of my blog posts.

Note: I also carry a number of advertisements under the Sponsors heading. I've explained my approach to adverts and why I have them here. Rest assured I follow the Blog With Integrity code of practice.

Now let's move over to the top left of the page...

If you wish to home in on a particular subject, there's a Search box you can use at the top left of the page. This is just like Googling, except the search and results are restricted to what's here on my blog. 

Moving on down to the left hand sidebar...

Below this is my Avatar picture and an extract from my Google profile. Clicking on the link takes you to my full profile details. Again, your Back button takes you back to the blog.

If you like what you see and would like to come back for more, I've set up a number of Subscription options for you. 

  • Bloglovin' is a popular reader, so you can sign up using the heart button 
  • Alternatively you can subscribe by email and have my posts pop into your inbox each time I publish a new one. Bear in mind I'm currently publishing at least three times a week
  • If you use a web reader such as Bloglines, then subscribing to my RSS feed is the one for you
  • If you already have a Google account, then the Follower option is your best bet. I rather like your avatars winking at me from the sidebar

My Other Scribblings gives you an idea of the other publications I write for, plus details of the guest posts I've written for other blogs.

I'm showing a picture from a topical post I've published previously for you to click on to find out more. It could be a seasonal recipe, something to make, or another useful blog post relevant to now.  

Below this you'll find the Archive section. This is a listing of all my posts by year and month. Toggling on the little arrow keys to the left of each year lets you see which months I've published, and the same action on each month shows you the titles of each post available.

At the bottom of the page you'll find...

  • Labels section which shows the broad topics I write about and the number of articles written for each of them. Using Search (top left of the page) or Labels will present you with a series of appropriate articles I've written and you can simply page through them as you like.
  • A Contact form if you'd like to write to me about the blog, advertising opportunities etc.
  • The 10 most Popular posts on the blog this month - not necessarily from the month we're in at the time
  • A list of Links I find useful - you might too

So what's the bit in the middle then?

Ahhh, that's the most important bit. The place where my blog posts appear, either in their 'straight' diary reverse date order form or according to any Search, Label or Archive process you may have applied. In order to give you a reasonable download time, I've restricted the number of posts per page to 4. You'll find buttons to take you to Older (and Newer when appropriate) posts after the fourth or last post in the set you're viewing.

At the bottom of each post there's a
You Might Also Like heading which has 5 photos beneath it. These are Veg Plotting posts selected by a clever little application called LinkWithin. If you like the look of what you see, click on the picture to go to the full post - it's a great random way to find out lots of other goodies on the blog.

The only time you won't find my posts in the middle is when you've clicked to view a Page.

And finally...

... do dive in, there are lots of blog posts for you to enjoy. 

If you have any questions or anything to say about my blog in general or on a specific post, then we can start a conversation in the Comments either via the link below or via the one below the particular post you're looking at. Or you can email me via the Contact form at the bottom of the page or directly to vegplotting at gmail dot com :)
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